What are Managed Services?

What are Managed Services?

Managed Services is essentially an outside expert helping you with your business.
Not just someone you call when things don’t work. Someone proactively monitoring your systems.
That’s the keyword here Proactive!

Proactive Support?

I know it sounds strange… Support¬†can only occur once a problem arises.
However, someone monitoring and looking after things can actually prevent issues.
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!


Make sure your computers are safe and secure with a Security Expert on the watch for you!
The threat landscape has changed!
Have you?


Are you sure your backups are working? 100% sure? are you monitoring them? have you tested them?
We monitor 24 Hours a day and test monthly!

Single Point to Call

Having a single place to call for advice and support is important, it gives you the confidence that you aren’t about to make a massive mistake!

Not Just a Number

Biztactix takes a personal approach, You’ll know your Techs… you’ll see them and meet them… not just a voice over the phone.

Some much needed Peace of Mind

Knowing that your computers are under control is a load off your mind,
Free yourself up to do more productive things, Land that next big customer.

Show them you’re forward thinking by signing that next contract digitally.

The Simple Choice

You can put your faith in Biztactix, We’re always there with the correct solutions, That’s why we’ve had customers stay with us for over 10 years!