Drama Free IT
Your IT, But without the Drama

What is Drama Free IT?

Drama Free IT is how we handle IT for our customers, We take away all the hassle, we create a stress-free single place of contact to ensure you’re online and doing what you do best!

Single Point to Call

Having a single place to call for advice and support is important, it gives you the confidence that you aren’t about to make a massive mistake!


We discuss continuity, not backup and recovery. we talk about uptime, not downtime!

How are you going to keep going as quickly and quietly as possible?


We don’t just lock you inside a firewall, We are actively securing, We’re watching for Virus/Ransomware threats constantly and with our new Dark Web Monitoring, we can make sure you’re as secure as possible!


You’re not just a number to us, We want to know who you are and where your company is going so we can help get you there.

IT isn’t a cost, It’s an Investment!
Zen Businessman

Solutions for Maximum Uptime!

Every time you’ve spoken to an IT company, they talk about avoiding Downtime! That’s not the same as uptime, we work on Business Continuity, We work to keep you running, even in the event of a failure. 

Time Staff aren’t working is Money Lost!

I Want Uptime!

Customers have great things to say about us!

Ann Owen

Aussie Mob | Online Travel
"Our Custom Membership Database has allowed us to resolve Support Cases quicker, Previously it was 43 Days average, down to just 6 days!"

Craig Emmott

Head of IT
"Biztactix are professionals, They’ve allowed us to grow our IT department in Quality and Performance"

Peter Mckeon

Technical Support
"Ryan is a seasoned professional in the IT field. If I trust anyone to have the right solution for my business it would be Biztactix."
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