IT Health Check

When was the last time your business had a Health Check?

Biztactix can help you identify the risks to your business continuity. Could you survive the loss of key equipment or key staff?

No Fuss, Peace of Mind

We can be in and out in just an Hour, Minimal interruption to your business for maximum peace of mind.


Many times things are just forgotten about in business… That was John’s job but he left, nobody knew they had to do it.

Forgotten business process or equipment can be very costly!


You started out small, you got a few extra staff, then a few extra then a few more! Next thing you know you’ve got 100 staff and god knows how many computers!

It’s good to take a step back and just double check you’re going in the right direction!


Did you realise that new marketing guy is using his own laptop instead of the work computer? Did you know his kids download games on that constantly… from dodgy sites!

Knowing your systems are secure and safe isn’t childs play!


IT security is constantly evolving, there are new threats every month. Your business doesn’t have time to keep on top of all the threats as well!

We Do, It’s our Job, We live and breath IT?

Book Now, Thank us later!