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Tips for picking your domain

On the web, your domain is your distinct identity. All individuals, businesses and organisations should invest in a domain name. Having your own domain, website and email addresses will certainly give your business a professional look. the additional benefits to your business are securing copyrights, cement your banding, build reputation, boost brand name recognition and most importantly to boost you search engine rankings.

What Should I choose as my domain name?
Anything can be registered as a domain name, Ideally you'll want to secure your registered business name and any trademarks or unique product names.
For example: We registered,,,, and we've also registered 
This ensures that nobody else will be able to purchase our domains and try to sell them back to us, or worse, create a negative brand association online.

Although a longer domain is more difficult to remember, it can include far more keywords, which is essential to search engines, as they utilize keywords in a domain name as a component of the search algorithm. However take care not to make them too long, as it will be hard to remember, and more importantly, difficult to type, Meaning users may end up at the wrong place, or nowhere at all!

If your preferred domain name is not available, try including a prefix, such as "my" or "the". or Change the root domain ending, So you could have (YourName).io instead of .com, There are hundreds of new Top Level Domains (TLDs) available now,

Finally, Don't forget to try and explain your domain name to someone verbally, Do you need to spell it out? Does it roll off the tongue? do people mistype it?
Often a domain you thought was great and did it all, fails the Talk test... Think about how you'd say it on a radio advert!

What is Web Hosting?

It's the Server where you store the files that make up your web site. For people to be able to see your website, the files need to live somewhere and that somewhere needs to be open to the world so that people can see your pages in all their glory.

Shared or Dedicated?

There's so much to know before you go out and pick your hosting... But it all boils down to Shared or Dedicated

Here's the info you need to decide

Content Delivery Networks?

Trying to work out if your business needs to use a CDN? 
It's not as simple as "it makes it faster"
Get the info you need to know below

What's DNS?

DNS is like the white pages for your website... your web hosting will likely include free DNS hosting, But you may not want to use it. 
There's better options out there!
DNS Hosting info

So what's the Damage?

Good Web Hosting

You're just starting out, You need a site!
You want a landing page so people know who/where you are
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Better Web Hosting

Needing to make sure your websites is fast, This gives improved performance and more space to make a great site
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Best Web Hosting

Dedicated Hosting for your needs this gives you your own Server on high speed SSDs
When you want to be online and Quick!
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