Dark Web Monitoring!

What is it anyway?

Dark Web Monitoring actually scans the dark web constantly for sales of credentials, Breach notifications and other posts on the dark web specifically targeting you!

What kind of information does it reveal?

Generally you’ll get a portion of the password that was revealed on the dark web, Sometimes you get the encrypted Hash of the password.

But Occaisionally you get the lot, you’ll be informed that your Full Name, Credit Card numbers were all exposed in the breach. Which is why it’s so Vitally important to ensure you’re ahead of the criminals!

So why doesn't everyone do this?

Many IT Companies are behind the 8 ball, They aren’t actively trying to keep up, They’re treading water and their customers are too.

We provide Dark Web Monitoring for Free! to every single Biztactix Customer, It’s just part of our service. It shouldn’t be an add on, This truely is a must have notification.

If you’re not a customer of Biztactix and just want Dark Web Monitoring seperately, Contact us Below and we can help you out as well!

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